Gateway Class

Gateway is the top level abstract class for all gateways which implements GatewaySampleParameters interface, so following is the complete list of methods present in Gateway class.

  1. public abstract HTTPResponse purchase(JSONObject apiParameters, Customer customer, CustomerCard customerCard, Currency currency, float amount)
  2. public abstract HTTPResponse refund(JSONObject apiParameters, JSONObject refundParameters, float amount)
  3. public abstract HTTPResponse rebill(JSONObject apiParameters, JSONObject rebillParameters, float amount)
  4. public abstract HTTPResponse voidTransaction(JSONObject apiParameters, JSONObject voidParameters);
  5. public JSONObject getApiSampleParameters()
  6. public JSONObject getRefundSampleParameters()
  7. public JSONObject getRebillSampleParameters()
  8. public JSONObject getVoidSampleParameters()
  9. public void setTestMode(boolean testMode)